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Saturday, September 19, 2009

♥ Rabbid ♥

Don't make Rabbid angry~!!
my favourite~!
he look cute~!
Raving Rabbids

The Raving Rabbid series is based around, Rabbids, a species of maniacal anthropomorphic rabbits that serve as the primary antagonists. Their most well known traits feature various slapstick comedy elements; running around wielding various household objects, dressing up as various other fictional characters, and most of all, constant screaming. Although essentially the "villain" in the game, they have gained a considerable popularity and fanbase through viral videos and media appearances. Many people even suspect them to overshadow Rayman, despite hints that there could be a Rayman 4.[2][3]

The Rabbids appear as anthropomorphic, stout rabbits with big round eyes and a large mouth with two large incisors. They stand around two feet tall with their ears adding an additional foot to their height. Rabbids tend to be somewhat mentally unstable, and often experience strange adrenaline rushes, where their eyes turn red and they emit a loud yell. This is also often a precursor of the bunny smashing something or attacking someone with its tool of choice, usually a toilet plunger or something plunger-related, such as a plunger-shooter, or other household items, such as feather dusters, ladles, toilet brushes, toy shovels, tennis rackets, sausages and other objects. Rabbids have a penchant for dressing up. These outfits include French maid outfits, snorkels with duck-shaped swim rings, ninja suits, pirate outfits, and various other costumes.

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