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Monday, September 7, 2009

Moody for 2days~!
dunno how many times d...
in The fitting room..
cause my sis wanna buy new pant~!
my dad wanna become..
promoter o model??
crapping around in the shopping centre~!
i bought some comics..
from MPH~!
Bought sum stuffs from S&J
i just woke few minutes ago...
yesterday slept around 2am..
yesterday nite i went to jusco again..
then i shops arund..
i also went see Vp5....
but he busy working..
he just smile at mi ^6^
then i went 2 McD bought Chocoxx Milk Shake..
Yummy~!! Slurp~!!
cause sat i miss that miLkshake~!!
then till i reach home..
gues who sms mi....
that time i busy so cant reply them..
i just reply nicole,vp3 and kuro msg oly...
i chat with vp3 till half way oly..
den i dun1 text d..
cux suddenly feel moody when text with him....
but for Kuro Gor..
i feel happy when text with him....
then again talk bout college stuff...
kuro:i study in college for 1year+ oly...
vampire:huh?? how come..suppose to be 2 years+ rite?
kuro: i fail some drawing..bout human...
vampire : what?! you fail that...i'm scare i'll faill too...
Kuro: you wont fail...you're genius darling..
vampire: Duh~!! gor,i didn't have your Dna..
so i cant become genius that same as you~!
Kuro: you're my Mei..sure you got my Dna..
Vampire: okay.. so how's ur Part time job??
kuro: wow~! tired..
vampire: haha..pity gor~!
i text with him till half way i slpt jor...
i'm sorry bro~!
2day holiday again....
hope goin well...
miss ya dude and babes~!
Happy birthday 2 Yagami Gor~!
sorry o..
4get ur birthday jor..
may wish ur dream cum true.
hope Dai Sou will b fine ^6^
mwaxxx ^6^


Huan said...

hah.... don't feel moody... cheer up... XD

oh yea, want to play some game? I got one here... very very simple one... hehe...XD

coconut said...

cheering up now..
2mr go school my mood get better...
spm cuming soon..
sumore call mi ply game..
later addicted a...