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Sunday, September 6, 2009


My Big Bro..
kinda blur image...
at last can webcam with him again...
miss gor so much~!!!
chatting wit fren tat study at Aus~!
did i look happy??
i pretend 2 b happy..
natural 2 b happy?
2day i very moody..
i had moody for whole day..
but came along with suprise....
it's make mi better..
1st suprise:
wei Liang gor fon mi..
tat time i bz shopping in Popular...
cux buying stuff....
v jux chat awhile oly..
den hang up...
2nd suprise is:
around 12am++ Kuro Gor fon mi....
i wondering why he fon mi...
but tat time my sound very moody..
i try 2 make better sound 2 ans his fon..
but cant..
he found out tat i very moody and emo...
he kinda worry mi...
kept ask what happen 2 mi...
Kuro: mei,how's ur life??
Vampire(me): my life like a piece of shit~!
Kuro: Omg..cheerr up~! wad bout ur result?
Vampire(me): same..a piece of shit~! but improve a bit only..
kuro: ok~! not bad..try harder....
Tat time i feel i wanna give up everything..
i din tell gor..
den he suddenly say Mei..
i was gt shock..
i wonder how he know tat i wanna give up...
if i have prob,i'll look weird..
cux last time,wen he fon mi i sure happy de..
but dix time moody,emo and down..
my tears begin 2 drip down~!
hope he din realise..
den he call mi not 2 stress up..
try enjoy my studies..
it will make it better...
den i was crapping around....
den talk bout college..
cux he study at The One Academy...
he kinda gud in drawing..
cux i ask hw bout his exam..
he say everything good~!
wow~ he answer with full of the Best..
he would do tat..
cux he genius and having skilll in doing things..
so inonit worry bout it....
den he ask bout my stuff pulak =="
i say,i wanna study HM and Stewardess..
he tot i was joking..
cux my dream suppose 2 Bcum DJ not HM..
cux i suddenly change my mind...
but he oso hope i can do it well..
he goin 2 join One In The million again..
he ask mi 2 join along with him..
i was like..
my sound nt so gud wor..
he say Nvm..
you never try,u never know the result..
he give mi dix wrd!
gam_ba_teh 2 both of us~!!
3rd suprise:
i saw Big Bro on9~!
he oso crap around..
den v webcam..
my mood getting better again..
i kinda blur while talk with him..
cux v speak english...
and i was crapping around..
3 brothers appear suddenly..
cux so long they din find mi and chat wit mi d....
they make mi happy..
they din 4get dix blur blur,notty and hyper MUI~!!
and oso....
thankx 2 Yoke kien..
i can share sumting with her...
hope she will b ok..
cux she having sum prob too....
now chatting wit My son[Chee How]
hope 2mr will be a nice day..
hope i'll get bak my sun~!
my smile~
my sunshine~
my Hyper~
my life~!
my soul~!


oink potential said...

oh..yr kor study at the 1 too o?
how old?
don give up so easily...
if u keep workin on it u sure will bcome more better...
and now u on the way to the success and u give up and it a waste for
wat u have done so far...
just keep workin on it..
try yr best..
God will help us if they see wat
we done wif our true effort..

cheer gal

coconut said...

he 19 oledi~!
thkx ohrx~