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Thursday, September 17, 2009

post~! [o8~09]

last time used 2 be a big group...
but nw...
bcux of 1 fren..
den shattered all into pieces...

almost 4years frenzs..
but so sad..
at last broke up into pieces..
me and Ling..
the recess place...
kinda miss it...
when broke into pieces..
some of my frenzs follow mi into another group...
new frenzs coming till now...
2years frenzs..
and the lastest...
i came 2 dix school[2008]..
i having my bestiest~!
v frenzs almost 1 years..
i'll apprieciate my frenzs..
kinda lame..
i realy duno wanna post up..
what bout my past~!
i just wanna post bout frens oly..
remember mux apprieciete frens tat owex..
support u...
i still Missing my 10years BFF~!!
sry i din have their pic..
so cant upload...

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