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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

today having shop with~!! dude

while waiting for tranports~!!
i wait around 1 hour++ jor....
my flu still nt yt ok..
kept sneezing....
reach jor sunway~!!
in redbox~!
me&hp singing...
the others eating..
in the Redbox KTV
boring lerx...
sushi Zenmai~!!
For celebrate Wai Meng's Birthday!!
Chun Hoe,Wai Meng,Kae Chyn,Ping Zheng,Cheong Yick,Ming Yick,Yao Shen&Terrence's bf
Hui Pink
PeoPle Who Fong Fei Kei:
Yoke Kien,K^ellie&RuiChin ^6

2day i woke up arounnd 8am...
suddenly woke up de..
but i very tired ler....
feel lazy wanna wake up..
den i had prepare everything around 9.30am..
my mum kept say Ah Tee din go de ler..
i was like..
she wan stop mi goin out with frenzs o wad??
she find alot reason..
i just ignore bout it....
cux lazi wanna talk...

den i take pic..
while waiting for transport..
we go there by KC's car..
his dady fetch..
woohoo~! nonit take KTM..
so happy~!
we reach there around 12somting....
i think so...
den i kept holding the mic sing=K for 3hours..
woot..worth it wor..
i can express my feeling thru those songs..
i sang Chinese,cantonese&eng songs..
miss out Malay Song....

we meet Terence,terence's bf & sherynn...
hui pink called them come de..
then v have our lunch at zenmai..
kinda funny during the lunch time.....
Ming Yick.
order natto Sushi..
yuck..nt nice 2 eat de..
bt MIng Yick & Kae Chyn force 2 eat again...
cux they lose in the Game...
Very good~
play game again la.
luckily i & Yao Shen win the game..

den around 4 somthing..
v again gathering..
watch sg movie..
tat movie abit scary la..
bt funny oso.....
v watch till 6pm..
i feel abit tired d..
but so waste..
Those Babes who fong me fei kei de....
say wan go cut hair...
now all hilang..
saturday go cut hair..
i cant go out d la..
i dunno wan cut wad style de hair...

dont bother la....
wait graduate oly say..
den finis watch movies d..
i saw who.....
all SSc de students..
nt all la..
form4 and x students oly la..
they oso watch movies..

den 6 somting...
stupid things happen...
v go The One College find..
Kae Chyn'sis.....
cux she fetch us back..
but Tat c2pid car,block our car..
i was like...
so pek chik....
hot ler..
somore the owner of the car dunno go whre...
we horn the car bout dunno hw mani time d..
LoL..Sound pollution la....
den i reach house dunno what time...
4gt jor....


den go out eat with family..
but i din eat la.
kinda full...
i just nyam Tong Shui oly..
just for 2day la...

those babes a~!!
owe me 1 day haircut day..
remember it~!!

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