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Saturday, July 3, 2010

♥♥ Best Outing ♥♥

Today!! Today!!!
The Most Most Most Happy Day for Me!!
I'm Not happy cause i end my Final.
I'm Happy That I can Meet My BAbe,Kellie Chong!
Miss Her till wanna die
(Kellie,Got med that can Cure me not to miss SO u much ont?)

Today we~ see PROPERLY IS WE!!!!
wahahaha..damn hyper mood wey.Hard to blog now.
But i Try my Best to blog it ok?!!

(pyramid,School Carnival)
Zheng(left around 3pm).Hoe.Meng.Yick.
(movie at pyramid.steamboat)
add 1person in Chyn.
continues from the WE......

Go back to High SchooL Sekolah Seri Cahaya.
Damn Happy wey!!!
my car.Kien's car.Chin's car park together wey.
too bad i took pictures >.<""
all got lisence.got own car dy.
then we visit our Teachers.
All The Teachers said:All lengZai LengLui come back school dy.
wahahaha.for the girls getting thin >.<"got mer? x rasa pun.
finis visit school then go where?Go Pyramid lu~
Kellie sit my car and we talk alot.
wahahahaha.i speeding while Talking.
all get SHOCK cux i speed >.<"""
Till Pyramid dy.
we again PArk same level,same place.
wahahahaha.i Hyper again.too happy dy >.<"(Control pls)
then go for window shopping~
Omg!! alot of Dresses again.i can see and Try but cant buy.
why? i MUST SAVE MONEY A!!!!
damn! i wanna buy DSLR camera.
i shopping and chat wit NAS UNCLE INclude YAn gor gor.
TeeHee o(^6^)V

shop till halfway.
all said wan makan ICE!wahahaha.
den makan awhile den go for movie around 4.30m strt.
then end at 6.30pm >.<"

The next round go for SteamBoat Buffet.
wahahaha.Eat! eat! eat!
Gemok dy o(T.T)o
Then fetch my cousin bro go back.
then like tat lu~~~

Enjoy the pictures la =)

Today's Activites♥♥

the Babes in the Toilet!!

me look fat wey o(T.T)o

Kellie Chong u Destroy my Pictures a~~


Mwak!! hearts u all babes!!

Wan make Tattoo?

The Chin And The Kien ♥♥
me and Kien Ice mix Fruits ♥♥ Got a girl Named Kellie!
She LanC me 0(T.T)o
Hugz her tight.
Sorry JAck borrow me ur Gf for a moment.
Say No To this angle!
its make me look Fat!!
all The Pretty babes?
Love this Picture alot!! ♥♥ She is Having her Mango Ice!
but not share with me!!
Jealous wey :p
The 3 Babes tat I heart the most! o(T.T)o
This angle oso cacat wor.
look fat >.<""
love this pictures too!!!
You see.
this two babes~.
satu eat till so hyper.
satu eat till missing her bf :p
Nice le.
I took geh =)
Kellie and Yick!
he lengzai? if yes dont say out.
later he dont know fly go whre :p
Steamboat time.
lol! all look so hungry wor.
but i still got the mood busy took pictures =)
He looked at Meng whether there got CHicken ont?
wahahaha.all of them wait for that Yummy Chicken.
the Yummy chicken.wahahahahaha!
Still eating wor.
so serious~
The ugly loook!
all eat till hyper jor.
Best Gang ever!!
Hearts them!!
Yick Pattern again lo.
owex say wan take pic.
when i wan snap pic.he reject :p
make sure he din see this.
if not gg me later.
Everything Clear!
my seat =)
my Sayangs~~
My School's magazine!
today just took it.
The Cahayans~(dnt knw got spell wrg ont)
to SSC's students.
please help me Check who write this :P
Me le.
p/s abit blur~
The page of mine :p
Senior 5 ArtS(2009)
My Ugly look!
Miss my School Uniform a!!
Stripe T-Shirts a skirt and a Tie =)

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