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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sygs and The both Lamer days~

i bcum driver.
I go fetch Yick.den go to Subang2 fetch Kellie.
den continue fetch Kien.hehe!
Then go to Meng's house.
At last he din go with us.cux he sleeping in the house.
then just me,Hoe,Kellie,Kien and Yick.
go mam mam then go Pyramid.
we go Hong Lok at shah alam eat Char siew.
muahahaha!! yummy! yummy!
then go Pyramid lu.
Hoe want to buy Watch.we had walk in all the watch shops.
but all Not ngam him.
cause he wan BIG BIG de.LoL!!
hope he din see it.later scare scold me.
Then we go YumCha.all busy talking&hyper_ing.
me le? mcm death pple.
quite and drink my icey beverage.
cause too tired and dont know wad to talk >.<"
Then continue window shopping.
Adoi..i din buy dou anything cause i wanna save money.
for tat stupid camera.Mak oi.
all The shop make me sam xixi wan to buy it.
but at last! i make it.just can see but can't buy.
muahahahaha!!! then i met my collegues.
Watch Back up Plan(forget snap the ticket pic)
that movie damn funny.Lol!
then around 6.2pm.drive back frm Pyramid.
Then fetch Yick back home.

Now the pictures times =)

Today i din took alot of pictures.
cuz today so ugly.
just cassual outfit.
T-shirt and Pants.
with Sport shoes.
very comfortable =)
My Baby comes!!!
Nicky.. muahahaha..
so cute.Love him very much.
So cute~~
So dak Yi~~~
love sei him~~~~

i just play with outside the cage.
cause Kellie not allow him to come out T.T

Omg!! kellie i wan him.
pls give it to me :)

he smile at me wor....
cute dou a~~

so hyper wor~~ muahahahaha..kacau him...
He is waiting me to open the gate.
love this pic~~
At last.
our picture..
muahahahha..to many Nicky's picture dy.
my Sayang!
no picture pls...
my eye bag and panda eye come back again =(
Yick gor!
my dummy face...
My face look so tired >.<
my kiwi beverage =)
Me and Kien!
ugly picture~~
i just make a simple blog.
now headache a!!
need to have some rest now.

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