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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Day we meet again.

Today i saw my friends.
muahaha.DC32(if not wrg la)
muahahaha.all look cute2 and mcm budak kecik.
muahahaha.but their age..Ahmnn.. kenot tell u.
Today Xuxu Lim,the Human who owe me 6rounds Pool.
Muahahahaha(devil laugh) he lose give me.
lalalalalala.my pool skill so so only le.
muahahaha~ but i think my pool skill improve dy (:
i need practise more for my snooker[ still very weak ): ]
God! term2.
1st week totally enjoy.
i not sure the following weeks will let me enjoy it ont..
today having F&b class and the other class.
just briefing only.easy rite?
god!! till i know tomolo need serve Real Guest.
OMGG! start panic.Nervous.
Afraid with those troublesome customer same as me.
haih! gg.com.wish me gud luck guys.

My Lens,my stock in my hand now!
muahahah.thkx to my babe*Junn*
i goin buy purple or Pink soon (:
= Just For Today =
* Tomolo got important day i stilll have the mood to blog =-= *
= cause i still in the Unstable condition o(T.T)o =
GoodLuck to:
= Dh36 server2 sekalian (: G1 (my group la) =
= Dh36 Chef2 sekalian (: G3 =

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