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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bon Odori.

I'm so so so so Tired a...
Inso for few days...
especially this weeks.Inso at the last week of my holidays.
damn u! i hate you very much(my brain)
i cant even sleep welll......
make my eyes bcum like one kind of creatures o(T.T)o
so yesterday i went for BOn Odori(Japanese Festival)
at Masushita stadium(dnt knw spell correct ont)
my cousin bro fetch me(KC) Teehee...
good a..at the 1st go kellie's house.
wait for Hoe >.<"" damn long....
then i played with Nicky..my baby but is kelie's dog =(
sad!! muahahaha.
then around 7 we reach there.
Hoe and the gang go to AC yumCha.cux no parking.
then me and KC went in the stadium.
met my Goverment high school frenzs.(all guys)
=-= just me oly girls.swt!!
hehe.just that oly la...
nothing special..

God.my eye getting worst now.
Stupid Inso!!!!!
i wan back my Eyes!!!
p/s bit blur cux using cacat punye camera.hehe.
in the stadium =)

finding for sexy babes =)

my Goverment high school's frenzs.
they having cold soba =)

white T-shirt.
edwin's lil bro.
so tall =(
he now only form5 le...

You saw those kimono babes?
muahahaha.sure cant see la.
the picture so blur..

My private high school's mate,Jane.
hehe.she study Nursing.wow!!
me likey.hehe..

= good luck for me in 2nd term =
= tomolo F&B class not Facebook class.is food&beverage class =
= hope my leg can stand for few hours o(T.T)o =
** Just for today **

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