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Saturday, July 10, 2010

movies days for Me ♥

Erlu Erlu..
SoyaMilk is back o(^6^)v
Friday and Saturday,
i went out for movie wit my lil sis on Fri&Sat.
while on Sat add anther human in,which is my lil bro.
i have nothing to write about it.
so so so so so so.
just swrite along with the pictures la.
SowiE o(x.x)v

who is this human o(O.0)???
tat's me la.Noobie! muaahahaha.
i found it in my Phone.
The MU Fans!
wondering when i took this ugly pic.
Friday =)
me and my lil sis watched Flirting Scholar.
it's a very very Funny and Lame movie.
the storyLine okok oly la.
me and my lil sis kept laugh in the cinema oly.
saturday,which mean today.
i wore this outfit go out.
LoL! Mcm Cat women >@<""
Look Fat argghhh!!
I wan DIET!
i Wan SKIP meal!!
can i?? o(T.T)o
Today's movie Ticket =)
the movie is so boring.
waste money watch it :/
i went late for this movie.Damn.
at room9 is a big room.the room was dark.
i cant even find our seats >@<
totally jam at that time.Lucky got an Uncle.
help us.Muahahahahaha.Thkx to tat helpful uncle.
i'll remember that stupid seats M5&M6

How about Des-Me 3D?:
it's a funny and cute movie.
Must watch it!!!
muahahahaha.wan know nice ont a?
go watch it then u know :p
My Favourite Thingy.
muahahahaha..actually wad is this?
brush? beans? LoL!
Edited picture.
i love this pic
but my face so chubby wey!!!
MGG!! for my frenzs,
pls Dont cubit my face anyMore..
Wondering this pic is nice or cacat?
i oso dnt knw.
i just upload only la.
3D spec :p
Snap non-stop dy!
My Lee HOm!!!
Alexander Wang Lee HoM!!
weee...he going to release his album soon.
omg! i wait it for long time dy.
hope inside got alot Love song.muahahahaha.
I love his Love and sad song alots!!
although i goin to broke now.
i dont care,i still wan buy his album!
TeeHee o(^6^)v

=== EN-Joy ===

To my Miss Kellie!!
pls create back ur blog le.
omg! i cant even know ur recent news ):
sad wey.i dont care! u better make a blog for urself.
i wan it!!! o(T.T)o miss u superGirl!

This for Readers:
Past is Past.
Now is Now.
Let me telll YOU now!
i'm back! Jessie Tee is back! The SoyaMiLk is back.
hehe.The hyperactive Girl is back.
muahahahahahaha!! feel very lame >@<
I just know I FOUND MYself now (:

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