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Monday, July 12, 2010

♥♥ Family Dinner and my Lastest Update♥♥

today! today!
Hehe o(^6^)v
i went for perm my hair.
but look weird weird when look at the 1st.
muahahahaha.AT the 1st look mcm Auntie.
but now look better dy.muahahahaha.
bcum big spring dy =)
so today Uncle 3 and his Family treat,
all of his bro and sis makan.
something like ReUnion.hehe.
then i talked with my Cousin sis.
i asked her bout Stewardess stuff again.
Then my relatives said i Pretty dy.Grow more tall dy.
LoL! Malu_Nya! muahahahahaha.
Good lo.since i change into a swarm.
Muahahahaha.StOp Perasan dy.
LoL.TeeHee.Hyper_ing again o(>.<)o
actually i look Ugly all the time.
p/s i din took food pictures.
cux too many pple dy den i not dare take pic.hehe.
so i just take MySELF ok =)
i think so for today oly gua.

can help me something ont?

which 1 look nice?

Perm or Rebonding nice?

pls.write at my C.Box.Tq!!

Today Oufit lo!

but i change to another type of singlet.hehe.

Me lu~~

I love this pic alot =)

Hehehe..me look weird.
my Blue Eyes =)
lalalalalalalalala o(^6^)o
i again act Cute.aiks! x boleh tahan!
The Bboy me! hehehehe.
i love this pic too..
The Chubby Girl :p
i Gemok le.
In mY baby stomach >.<
mean in my car :p
Laying on my Favourte white Sofa =)
My Blue Eyes again.hehe.
wrg angle.my eye look weird again =(
The Nerdy me :p
=+=+= Just For Today =+=+=
*** Enjoy It ***

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