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Saturday, May 28, 2011


at last i'm blogging now :D
this week full book with exam :'(

hmmm. this few day i think i'm paranoid
stress with French class?
i kept write an essay bout myself.
cause each time of the french class,
french lecture sure will asked 2 person tat quest.

Je'mapple Jessie. J'ai dix neuf von. Je suis malaisien.
Je Suis etudionte. J'habite a klang avec ma familie.
J'aime a dancer.

still got very long. but i forget.
psps :/ hope is correct.
So !
imma going to blog about this week and last week post.
last week bout kitchen class & dis week bout service class.

Today :)
is a cold day ?!
cux morning raining heavily.tat's WHY.
me end my 3hours marketing class.
have lunch with my frens :D
we had our lunch at Mekong House restaurant.
vietnam food for lunch. new restaurant in our campus.
total up is 13 pax = 13 persons include me.
so many huh!
many till the restaurant cant create a ong long table for us.
need to split into 3 groups.

me! me! behind me is my fren.the white shirt.
alex and her gf. haha! ps din snap dou him :/
wad a special menu.
newspaper menu.
can u found ur food? :p
time to search food for my stomach.
the last pages :(
my frens.
they busy searching for food in the menu.
same as him and the behind table.
oso my frens.they oso busy finding for food :/
haha! my fren headache while looking at the menu,
i saying the behind table geh.
Still dont knw wad to order :/
i get myself a plate of fried rice.
and my favorite Soya drink!
so big amount. at last i cant finis up :x
force to finis it.
service class. wad a big day for G1.2.3.
G1: servers of the day.
G2: helper of the day(not counted as helper)Runner/Performance.
G3: chef of the day.

my applied tech class.
fruits carving :(
eat also so mafan :(
need to carve oranges and grapefruits for the GUEST.
just can use knife and fork and spoon oly.
servers life :D
Our fruits presentation.
end our applied tech class continue to our...
practical service class.
it is a big day for us.
we need to serve our Juniors.
Which mean is a Welcome Party for the Juniors.
total up is 100 paxs = 100person are attending.
omg! suddenly pop out this kind of news -.-!
last time use to serve max 30 pax. now suddenly up to 100.
the theme of that night is Bunny :D
all servers and Guests need to turn up into bunny.
that me :D
the Soya become bunny.
omg!! my face more chubby :(
frown face :(
FUGLY wey!
nervous and start to feel tired.
Start up with the music :p
Be Our Guest :D
the team work of the G1.2.3.
Bunny! bunny!
lect look so relax.
but we all so nervous -.-!
our set up!
Guess wad's this?
haha! we having a game for the juniors.
during the dinner.
so cham wor.
polish the forks and spoons :p
polishing the cutleries.
me and the suipo! :p
set up! set up!
our arrangement.

folding napkins.
all tired liao.
although not yet start the dinner
start to get beverage.
me and the hyperactive MC.
The serves :D
me and xian.
The Juniors :D
Chef chef!
and the bartenders :D
mr.Alex giving a speech.
Mr.Tay Boon birthday :D
the bartender of the day.
Group 1 !
Juniors :D
lecturers :D
Lenglui wor.
are they twins?
back of the house.
the chef are busy :p
The DJ of the Day :D
The magician of the day :D
The performance of the day :D
the chef chef sekalian except the right ( FnB lecturer )
weeee :D
almost done our JOB!
The juniors :D
The runner and two chefs :D
chefs and runner :D
time for the servers to eat!ngor sei us a~~
all no image liao.
haha! all loook like hungry ghost.
dont know how many thousand years din eat.
ahah! everytime end our kitchen or service class.
we sure become hungry ghost 0.o
o.0 ??
me drink water oly?
hahah..too thirsty :p
my time to eat!!
the Lecturers and the divisonal office guy(center).
set back the restaurant :(
more tired.
Kitchen class for Pastry.
20may 2011.
we make layer kuih :D
kuih talam.
on wed.
12may 2011. kitchen time.
cooking time!! :p
cook malay food :D

the macarooons!
made by Chef Karam and the francais chef.
we can see but can't eat :(
My Choco !
to help me prevent form starving in the kitchen,
while cooking in the kitchen.
yummy !!
mutton curry :D
p/s blur image :(
curry chicken :D
the dessert of the day.
dont ask me what is that.
i can't answer you because,
it prepare by other batch.
too free.
nothing to rush.
like buffet cooking only.
nah! nah! nah!
my timetable la..
i sure die on tat day :(
Just for today :D
Soya Sick liao.
i must go back to sleep now :(
my dears readers pls drink more water :D

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