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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Commo alle vous?!
Soya is goin to blog blog blog her Crazy May Life!
this is the beginning of the May!
Sakai Group! Sakai Frenzs! Sakai Life! Sakai Me! :)

Opp's! my finger bcum so cute!
Thankx to my babe! KeiKei!
too free conteng my finger during the boring and sleepy class.
on 4th May 2011,which mean yesterday (wednesday)
i had my dinner serving class :s
Applied tech we learn fruits carving :(
My Final exam will used it.
it's my show on that day :( i must practice.
if not my fruits will roll over the floor.
During my practical,
GooD news or Bad News?!
we did not have manger, our manager absent,
without inform one of us! how?!
we did not panic :)
all the server and ex manager, include me!
start to organised work and start built up team work :)
at last we did it! we did not disappoint our lecture! :)
our lecture give a good comment :
we can manage the restaurant well without manager.
Think positive ;
is a good news that our manager absent on that day,
but remember! we learnt lots! it's a good experience.
we learn to solve prob and communicate with each others.

that's me! Term 4!
at last can wear my server outfit!
last serving i worked as a manager :)
hehehehe! stressful job!
although no need do anything.
fruit craving set up!
haha! my fruits!! :)
i crave geh!
still very ugly!
not prefect :(
i wan perfect job!!
which 1 is me?!
ahahaha! i took this pic from Junn.
start from left!
Me(Soya).SiewLinn.Yi Xian
my groupie!
notty and playfull group!
loved them muchies!!!
on 3rd May!
having dinner with my sygs.
KeiKei and Sharon at Ohana.
located at Taylors.
look at my eyes -.-!
Bengkak 99!
i better start have enuf slp!
if not i really wan kill myself again.
me and kei kei done the assignment in the lab.
my assignment halfway done only den lecturer chase us out,
cux wan close liao -.-!
then we had our dinner.
we plan to have Shisha and beer to chill.
too bad i have my assignment waiting for me!
so i need to go bad and complete the last mins assignment.
> Enjoy <
. still got more to update.
^ wait for it^

1 comment:

ダイ・田島痕 said...

Soya! Cute blog~~
I love what you say at the beginning lol you are correct! People have no right to judge other people ^3^ have a lovely day