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Sunday, May 1, 2011


me is here again!
last nite celebrate the childish kid birthday!!

me in the house while waiting my cousin to fetch me!
reach Salmon Steak le..

pic bit blur :s
took by Kellie!
pic bit blur too.
took by Chun Hoe

(both couple oso took blur pic :s)
Me! omg!
so chubby!!!
took from Sharon.
my sweetheart :)
My darling :)
wad the face!
the Cheong Yick..
did not change at all..
still the same.
afraid of camera :s
me and my darls. kurang satu :(
misss RUICHIN!
Kellie and Sharon.
At Sunway Pyramid,Chattime..
waiting for movie...
** Enjoy :) **

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