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Monday, May 23, 2011

The 2nd crazy day :D

at last can update blog!
im waiting pictures from KeiKei :(
today i just got my pendrive!!!
comment allez vous ?!

Wesak day!
we went to the Hill and Pavilion,KL :D

Babes :

Dude/birthday boii :

the Ugly geh me :(
FUGLY a!!!!
I love this pic :D
me and Kunno!
i love this pic!
i swear no edit geh.
natural from sunlight!
the babes :D
it's time to yak dim sum!!
nom! nom! nom!
hungry sei us!!
tat's me!
candid geh :D
3 darlings :D
dim sum!!
yummy! yummy!
The LV, Jie Jie !
The Mui Mui !
The Carlo Rino, Jie Jie !
epic FAIL!
OUR BIG head Picture!
Chill at Starbuck!!
Song! nice! cold!
me and KeiKei.
the Bags :D
i love this pic!
The sakai !
picture again!
OuR Dinner with Birthday boii!
4 persons
the comment from birthday boii!!
i love this pic!
i in the forever 21 shop
but i wish i am always forever 18 :D
having dinner!
MICHELANGELO'S fine dinning restaurant.
our Mocktails!
birthday boii!
my baby!
my fettuccine salmon.
and mocktails.
our cakes!!
messy table :s
the ladies with birthday boii!
in my car now !!
go back liao !
go back liao !
time to go back from Pavilion !
is time to driving again.
tired sei me :(
just for today :D
Au revoir!
a bentot :D

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