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Sunday, May 15, 2011


ait! ait!
imma update my blog :D
sry that for a long time i did not update my bloggie!
cux my internet work so slow.
moreover i got no time to update too..
assessment and assignment are pending in my appointment list!

so i will update everything tat happen dis few weeks :D
but some of the date i cant remember.
im very sorry :(

i having my workshop in Campus!

at the 1st i said omg! nid to go back campus!
wad a bored day.tat time im so sleepy too!
oh my gawddd!!!

but at the end it turn up ENJOY and FUN!

not bored :D

the Muffin!
cute cute muffin.

i tink nobody will eat it.

cux too cute dy!

the timetable for the workshop!

breaking walls building bridges :D

start to work now!

brainstorm ur brain pls!!

Peace is Divine!
no wars pls!

too free till i did dis.


my cert of the day :D

Group 6 :D

fly like a G6 :p


at Pyramid!

waiting the GUYS to buy their FORMAL!
im so boring! :(


account assessment!

not fun at all.

im goin to have shit marks!!


haha! tooo stress!!

having dinner with Mr.Jack :D

at Kim Gary!

saw alot pple n tat day!

ours dinnner :D


my lil bro birthday!

sorry didi.

i did not celebrate ur birthday but i just BOught u,a cake.

hehe! im too tired on tat day!

choco cake :D

i receive strawberry choco from my fren :D
love dis flavour lots!
nt yt open :p

10 may,tuesday!

went to THE Curve to survey the restaurant.

our assignment :(

i follow them.

cux diff group.eheheh!!!

we went to The Apartment Restaurant =D

me and Sharon!

outside MANGO shop :D

hahah! lepak time!

The restaurant? :p

love the enviroment!

OUr lunchie!!

wiit! So comfortable..
feel like chilling in our own apartment!
FRIENDS apartment!

haha! Harley!!
that put outside the campus!

love love love!

wannna ride on it!

Soya ! Kei ! Kunno !

Love this pic!

look fat!!
hwaaaa :"(


At Mcd!!
purple Glass day!! 5th May 2011,Thurs!

a bunch of crazy fellow wan to collect all the Glass!
same goes to me!! hehe!

Our Glass!

happy meal ! happy Mcd ! Happ Soya !

Our Children Time!

Busy fishing doe!

Play till ngong jor.

Done playing!

lepak time :D

my Yogurt ice-cream :D

Can-did pic!

balik time!!
freaking tired!

* Enjoy *

_ some of the pic i took from my frend_
i will update more soon with interesting things!
next week will be more more crazy weeks :D
have a nice day guys!

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