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Friday, April 22, 2011

yesterday.yesterday.and the another yesterday.

ait! ait!
Soya update her bloggie again~
dis time imma blog lots!!!
1st of all wish:
DH36 Happy 1st year anni-ver-sary!
cant believe 1st year dy!
guess who's tat?!
groupie ladies pic!
Soya and Mosquito!
the sakai gang!
Big big groupie pic!
love it alot!
Alicie ==!
holding the wallet!!
getting bigger and bigger!
my face!! lol!!
while waiting for lecturer..
all busy taking pict and playing outside the corridor.

all so happy cux cant enter Msian studies class.
we late few second oly..ahah!
cux busy taking pic.
the lect inside the class laughing non-stop.
and we at outside laughing non-stop too!
I love Taylor!!!
but not the facilities.
tat's me!!! evening..
i rush come back from University..
and heavy rain.badly traffie jam..
i reach house around 7pm.
den around 8something.
go back to Subang to celebrate
my 1st year anniversary with my collegues!
my collegues..
but not all. jst 10% of the classmatwe oly :)
Yuummy time!

Chicken wing promoter!

all too hungry or wad?
Groupie Pic!
eat tissue or food?
8 pax..
but u see the ice-cream cups ==

dis is on tuesday.
having lunch at marufuku with my collegues :)
sry 4gt take thier pic..
keikei lappie!
Snowgurt on wed!
in my campus makan..
while waiting for dinner at campus restaurant.
squeeze yogurt!!!

me in formal look!
Menu of the day :0
*Just for today *

i gtg for my class dy!
marketting hope i wont feel sleepy in the class...

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