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Monday, April 11, 2011

Je mapelle Soya~

little lady has come back!!!
from University few hours ago....
unlucky day/lucky day?
1) wanted to drive back home but my petrol empty.
2) sneezing non-stop.
3) dizzy while drive
4) sleepy while drive
5) body awhile hot and cold
6) headache!!!!!!!
aih!aih!aih! manyak prob punye budak!

imma going to post bout yesterday thingy :)
hang out with mr.P :)
we went to Pavilion again!!
My favourite shopping centre!!!!
as usual:
watch movie.
Yum cha.
having meal.
okla.. dont 1 crap lot dy...

Picturesssssssssssss timeeeee!

Me ! Jessie ! Soya !
at Old Town.
feel like having short hair.
wad u all tink?
i love this piccccccc lots!!!!!!!!
bit sexy.bit tired face.
this 1 le?
the silly face!
my meal :s
at last i can finish up!!!
Yum Cha timeeeeeeee!
Choco time!!!!
Ps:/ my camera cacat bit.
my drinks!!!
sweet drinks :s
what kind of face is tat?!
angel prob ok!!!
i know it's ugly o(T.T)o
The movie ticket!!
the Polaroid picts :)
* Just for today *

Since we're a kid till now,
we used to remember people and save up the memories we been thru.
but we forget to learn how to forget a person been hurt u b4.
if we can turn back the time.
i hope i wont meet him or make friends with him at the first.
all i know right now is:
i willing to sacrifice everything!!!
I Promise!!!!!

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