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Monday, April 4, 2011

ait! ait! the New day and the new term.

Je mappelle Soya ^6^
Je vuez allet o universite.
i learnt French!
SO from today onwards my blog will be Rojak.
got french.Bahasa melayu.Cantonese.Chinese.Japanese.English.
LoL! i learnt tat much dy wor =/
don't 1 waste my time dy.
*photo session*

2011 Planner.
my new toy!
lomo :p:p
instant camera. hohohoho ^6^
at last bought it.
me and my lil sis went to 3 place =/
mid-valley.pyramid.aeon jusco.
can die doe..
go to 3 places in a day.tired sei me..
having lunch at kiku-zakura.
nice place to have lunch.
nice cup :)
cold ocha.
the tired face :/
not enuf slp at all.
my lil sis :p
the Japanese pizza.
lol! some thing like tako..
At pyramid :/
my tired face again :@
otw to Aeon Jusco :)
* Just for today *
_ Au Revoir_

Hope nothing happen to me.
this is the first and the last.
pls give me a chance.
God Bless.

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