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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my home! my family! my friends!

ait ait!
now i at campus lab on9...
the line is sucks too..
i cant upload my pic well :(
sad case doe...
now dy 8.57am...
my class goin start at 9am...
so i just will make simple post :)
those pic i took from Valentina :)
Gud luck to her in DH 38!!!
DH36 will owex remember u!
hearts u much darl!

this are my home!
my big family members!
my lovely classmates :)
they used to shout.laugh out loud and joking in the class..
is the warm warm group.
altough is 3 group combine together..
G1.G2.G3 :)
the family pic!!

The family pic! heart Them very the much!

Group 1 @ 2 @ 3 class rept!

My super the noisy class :)
crazy class...

My classs! Group 1!

group 1 ladies!

Group 1 guys! :)

Group 2

Group 3

Love this much!!!!!!
Thkx to Valentina!!

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