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Monday, April 18, 2011

Soya :)

The sepia type of pic.
Je mappalle Jessie/Soya. Je suis malaysien.
Je dix neuf voug. Je suis etudiont. J'habite a' Klang.
hehehe!!!! improve liao.. but if u ask me speak sure cacat.
J'aime francoise. <3!

Now imma going to,
show up my retarded pic.
ahah!! Hyper Shock!!
my favourite pose..
c'mon my children!!
let mama give u a big Kiss :p
most retarded pic and i love the most!
On Fri, 15April 2011.
Taylor Lakeside,Temptation.
Mass com students had make an event,named Glam Tour.
invited by Nicholas Mok.

The chop for Glam entrance.
The Event manager?!
lol!! dnt knw he in which position.
Nicholas Chang. sorry dude.
me! the chubby soya!
took by Jayson!
The Menu :)
Hui Yang came along with Jayson :)
Soya with Nicholas Mok!
Soya and Joey.
the model for the event.
Yee Leng.Shaqira and Soya :)
The Band.
The mass com students.
> Just FOr today <
Au Revouir!

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