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Sunday, April 24, 2011

hua che?! flower car?! chinese pple festive.

ait! ait!
Soyaaa again :p
commo tale vous?!
imma goin to blog bout last nite..
at klg,my area got temple celebration.
this is the 1st time i attend .
just wan to have a look :)
in Chinese They called as Hua Che.
in eng i dnt knw la.. Flower car?!
and some of the god name i dont know..
so i did not name in..ps a :)
hahaha! i am such an failure chinese.
they travel around 2km :)
wow!! tired man!
most of the pple walk with them :)

me in the scene!!
who village come out and play..
crowded ryte?!
my beoved lil sis.granny.mama!
hehe!! we suddenly bring granny have a look bout it :)
daddy so happy =)
the sakai lil sis!
having dinner at Pandamaran..
while waiting the hua che to passby.
just chinese pple oly knw which god is this...
they in costume god rasuk into their body.
oly chinese pple know bout this.
wan know more ask the old old pple...
they oly know to explain.
if u believe den u believe.
if u not believe..i have no idea :)
cux most of the pple not believe.
but for me believe 50% although im chinese.

if not mistaken dis is *datok gong*(in chinese)
tiger dance?
dragon dance.
Lion dance?
all back to temple liao..
around 11pm ++ :)
Just for today la...

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