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Friday, July 3, 2009

wad happen 2 the world~!

i bet ya~!
i can pass thru dix challenge~!!
2day mrning...
in the van..
i was listening 2 the radio and News~!
they say..
nw in america...
found a disease~!!
called H1N8( Dog Disease)~!!
again another disease gt found~!!
they had killed alot of dogs~ [4gt hw mani dogs they had kill~]
pity to those dogs T.T

wen i reach schl d~
2day everybody de mood ok la....
half half lo..
50% hyper
50% emo
even i 2day oso got cry..
cux HP ejek mi T.T [ malunya~]

den again having gals talks...
lol..hw many days d..
v still busy wit gals talk..
no longer the time pass so fast~
kinda miss dix week~!
cux in dix week..
v having alots of fun~! wee~!! =)

no longer in lunch~!
i again eat~
i tink the 5th times d gua.. (if nt wrong)
> grandpa(pz)
> grandma (R.C)
> mumi (y.K)
> dady ( F.Y)
v all in the canteen talk silly stuff...
make silly face..
but the others mayb make prank call gua??
cux they all gather at the public fon~! =="
kellie ( my baby ) were bz pak tuo wit her boi~!!

no longer our lunch had jx pass thru..
lyk few minutes oly....
suddenly saw..
JV was crying..
cux they say..
she gt scared by outsider..
cux the outsider prank call 2 her mother..
told them tat they had catch JV..
they even knw..
JV house add,parents fon num even her studies place~
( i dunno tat is true ont.i.. jx heard frm other pple)
kinda scary wit those prank...
hope everything will b find...

hope every students will gt flying colours in their UPSR trials[cuming soon]...
gambateh in studies~![all F5 & F3 students~!]..
nothing will happens in our schl~!
everybody mux stay in Hyper mOOd~!
Sory 2 my mum and dad~ =(
beware from those disease~!

jux for 2days...
miss ya...
all my babes and dudes~!!

++ C O C O N U T +
+ v p 1 0 + + V A M P I R E ++

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