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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


2day in schl..
ntg la..
same as usual la....
jx in schl...
having alot of girls talk..
again =="
den hyper lo...
den ntg d..
i tink so...
i jx knw 2day i very very very tired..
and slpy..
bt during sc class...
everybody borrow teach pc and surf net..
c whether they kena ns ont??
same lyk ytrday in tuition class...
they all texting and c they kena ns ont...
bt sum of them unlucky..
they kena...
pity them..
hope they enjoying the KEM..

jx for 2day..
miss ya babes and dudes~!

++ C O C O N U T + + v p 1 0 + + V A M P I R E ++


Huan said...

So you got chosen or not?

coconut said...

i din kena...
bt i wanting 2 go wor..
in 1st batch la..
the 2nd o 3rd batch i dun1 go d.....