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Friday, April 16, 2010

Memories i love it!

today i feel down abit.
suddenly down when i watch the Drama~
i don't know what happen to me wey~
i can feel something is going happen soon~
Crap? i hope tat's just Crap~
but suddenly i feel my heart SOUR SOUR de.
haix~ really got things will happen to me??
i wanna know it.
i don't 1 think already~
i tired with it.
i think i will give up!
when i always think to give up,but i couldn't make it.
wad a useless girl~
now my babes and me also in DOWN mood~

Tried to Edit some Pictures.
to Chill and make myself busy.
prevent think alot.think negative.
but i edit some of the pictures dy.
i kept think back my school life with friends.
i want back my school life badly.
i didn't feel wanna enter my college life.
scare to enter college life.
scare i will cant catch up~
omg!! so fast i already feel stress with my college life!
but! but! but!
i no need STUCK in the house anymore~
i can diet anytime i wan :)))
i need enjoy my college lifey~

hope everything will get over fast and fine :)
wish them all the best,
to all my friends in different college and same college.

include me :):)

me and Babes:
Chin,Kellie,Kien,me :):)
Best Babes!!!
2OO9 LIfe!

** EnJoy **

I love my pendrive and blogs,
cause it have save up my memories with friends,
save up my sad,cheer,miserable life.
When i think back my past.
My Tears drip down again.
but that tears is fill full with happiness.
i love my friends.
i love my school life.
i love my classmates.
i love my teachers.
And that word,
impossible came out from my mouth.
I love my school.

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