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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Malacca.1Day Trip

Maemi ta dai ma~
Yesterday we have 1day trip.

Myvi(me,Daniel and Cy)
Vios(ChunHoe,YokeKien,Kellie and WaiMeng)
Waja(MingYick and SimKeat)

Place we visit:


.Me,Kellie and YokeKien.

I woke up around 5.30am(sot dy)
all my frenzs woke up at 6am/7am but i woke up on 5.30am
then i wait CheongYick fetch me around 7a.m
i was so so so so so so sleepy :s
Goin Faint.then met Daniel Heng at school.
he call us fetch him at school.
then fine! cause he expel from school dy.lol.
fetch him dy we go AhSeng BahKutTeh met others.
they all joke with Daniel.pierce so much kena Buang.lol!
Blah Blah Blah dy.
ciao to SimKeat house sin :)
before start out Journey.
They all kept HOrn ==" (weird)
cause they say wanna see who's horn nice to hear :x

Blah Blah Blah.
in the car kept talking and playing with Daniel.
That Stupid fellow.Kept bully me :s
and i just kept pull his hair :x

reach there around 12pm,Fast huh :s
1st place is go Visit Zoo.
all fooling around~
they all kept fool with those animal.
LOL! but very hot le.
Faint :s

then go Makan Chicken rice :)
at whre?
Shopping Centre not the red house there de Chicken rice :(
sad wey.i Want eat that Place de Chcken rice.
Done our Mam Mam go shopping :)
i bought 2 Monkey outfit :D
so happy :)) love it alot!

done liao~ go out from the mall.
Raining~ LoL! first time go Malacca raining.
the go mall watch movie :)
CLash of Titans.

watch finis liao.
around 5pm.i change jor my outfit :D
continue go red house.cause the rain stop jor :))
on tat time going.
Cy,sesak :(
haha.Myvi sesak in malacca.hiak hiak.
nice wey.

then sesak around 6pm i think so.
the restaurant close jor!
close jor a :(
haiz.at last all say jalan awhile.
Balik Subang makan buffet Steamboat :)
din eat dou lut lut satay :(

reach Subang also around 9.30pm.
i think so~
not sure the time la.
nothing to say liao~~

now is Pictures Time :)


Welcome to malacca~
The cars :)
at rest station :p
This pictures curi from kien :)
Church St. Francis Xavier
also take from kien.

that time me,cy and Daniel sesak in malacca xD
Chunhoe,SimKeat,Kellie and kien.
the photographer sure is MingYick :)
also take from Kien :))

LLLooovveeesss this pic very Much~~~
same,take from kien :)

kellie wad r u looking at?
take from kien :)

The photoGrapher is Kien :)
Chicken rice :)
Hiak hiak.
yummy :)
my sweet babes :)

act cool huh?
kellie stop tat~
Jalan Jalan :)
my babes :)
Steamboat! steamboat!
my face like :s
look so tired.
Ready to eat lur~~
hyperactive / hyperbola?
Stupid fellow(Daniel) and me :)
Me and Chun Hoe :))
kellie.Stop tat!
disgusting wey :s
This pic all look so tired.
but me try to smile!
This pic both of them trying to smile.
but me give up dy xD
too tired liao~

** Enjoy**


Huan said...

waa... so nice huh.. but why take so long time go Malacca one...? haha... don't care... you didn't buy chicken rice for me haha... XDXD

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

dnt mention,
the chicken rice ball.
that day din da pao dou.
chicken rice ball for my cousin.
he kept bully me T.T