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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yo ! 4th day in Taiwan !

This morning look :)
the 4th day in Taiwan.
so fast going to end my trip soon.
owh ! can I don't go back :(
I Love this place freaking much although ;
I still not able speak in proper well mandarin.
Stop wasting my treasure time cux I need to off to bed soon.
Hurmm.. where we went for today :)
we went to mining museum.
walk around their garden.
and not to forget enjoy and relax to look at the beautiful view.
today freaking cold. got no idea what's temperature for today.
I did not check. hehehe . Sry :D

Me :D
had our breakfast before start our visit.
Souvenir that i bought for my friends and family.
Morning sitting at the balcony.
while waiting for others to wake up.
around 7am.
Had my 1st round breakfast :(
all still sleeping.
2nd round breakfast and looking at the beautiful view.
Yummy !
club sandwich?
something similar but that not club sandwich.
Finally all start had their breakfast.
The map of the museum.
Start first visit.
Japan street house.
loook fat :(
Guess what?
why this picture so special till frame in the museum.
Their drawing is make from hair :D
on top of the hill.
Mining truck :D
Good Job.
Tou hua :D
love this lots !!!
but hot's tou hua added ginger juice :s ( which i don't like it )
so I prefer cold :D
Our tou hua.
Keikei's Minnie mouse.
Yeay !
can enter the mining cave.
me.the mining guy.Xuxu.
can enter le.
so pattern -.-!
I can't believe I touch the real gold.
freaking heavy.
230.3 kg.
the cost of the gold.
the amount 753679974
tired !
Love here lots !
lol !
Epic Fail.
the world is round.
bento !
bento !
cute bento.
rm22 can bring back the bento.
all starring at the Food :D
all HUNGRY dy.
me : Opp's !
ShinYee : Oh ooo !
end of the museum visit.
Jiu Fen Street.
The next stop !
Beautiful view from top of the Hill.
finally we reach our HOUSE!
walk until lost :s
Reach home.
I start to had my bubble hot milk bath.
suddenly outside raining feel very very cold.
the room still on with aircon :D
we are Polar bear except ShinYee and KeiKei.
scare cold. hohohoh !
I make myself a cup of hot coffee :D
Just for today :D
Okay guys.
Need to off to bed soon.
going to chase for sun rise :D
Nites guys !

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