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Friday, April 6, 2012

the 2nd day.

The 3rd day in Taiwan <3
The temperature is 17 celcius in Jiu Fen.
We at the 3rd hotel !
keep raining !
So cold and chill :)
Jump to the photo. don't 1 talk much le :)
but I am going to Blog bout 2nd day in Taiwan.

this is the 1st night in the 1st hotel :)
hohohohoho !
Spa-ing leg with KeiKei !
look so so so so so so funny !
Yesterday in Taiwan Look !
credit to KeiKei Baby !
Hohohohoho !
In the yellow raincoat !
Yeay !!
off to the food street !
1st hotel !
1st day hotel we stayed.
our breakfast :)
time to move toward 2nd hotel :)
Arlo, Shilin Market.
Malaysia satay :D
7-11 :)
love there lots !
lots of thing to buy :)
Taiwan RnR :)
so nice ryte?!
things that i bought :)
Pink Blossom :)
lovesss !
Our 2nd hotel !
our room :)
lovesssssssss !
the playground :D
The Mall :D
Hunting for food in the mall :D
Food that we ordered :D
too bored in the mall.
ignore my eyebag !
yeay !
night market time !
Having hot hot rice ball.
I having banana milk.
both of them having papaya milk.
waiting for chicken chop !
lovesssssssssssssssssssss !
We bought this :)
hohohohoho !
in my fren's room :)
stay tuned for later's post.

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