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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 1 In Taiwan !

Finally i can blog bout Taiwan !
Yuhuuuuuu !!!
yesterday I woke up at 5.30am.
blah blah blah !
Jump till LCCT !
Hurray ! finally can enter the aeroplane.
in the airport.
I start to feel tired.
On the way to my plane :p
Hello Boarding Pass.
Finally we reached Taiwan !
sit until my ass pain.
3hours -.-!
you can look my face start to look tired.
Wait for our Cab.
1st time travel without travel agent.
Good Service provide.
our life change 360degree.
chill temperature.
still acceptable !
Our Pink Gurlish Room.
Time to hunt for food.
I been starve for don't know how many hours.
hmm... let me count.
from 5.30am did not had any food till 3pm.
my 1st meal.
so lucky get gastric at that time -.-
my parents and friends going to kill me.
cause I gastric again :(
2nd snack.
ignoreee my eyebag.
too tired.lack of sleep.hungry.
Eggy meal !
time to off to shilin night market.
Hurray !
Lrt? Ktm? Mrt?
no idea :)
good service better than my country lots.
Search for road.
Our Taiwan Num.
Yummy ! :)
next stop.
Hunt for Sandals sin.
Birkenstock !
5Pairs in few minutes.
3rd snacks?
nope... dont know how many snacks I been ate.
all I can said.
we did not had our proper dinner at all.
Chill whether hot steamy bao !
Our Stuff just bought in 1 day.
can't imagine the next day how many stuff.
Just for this morning.
if night time i able to update.
i will update for todays activity.
bye ! off for breakfast !

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