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Saturday, April 7, 2012

the 3rd day in Taiwan.

alululululululu !
hmm.. Now is sharp 1am.
I still not yet sleep :x
actually just now busy shower.eating and uploading photo.
hurmmm * roll eye *
what to post bout today?
nahh. nth. Just bout my 3rd day in Taiwan.
I been shift to new hotel :D
let's check it out.

today's look :D
wear baby elmo shirt !
my 2nd hotel :D
bye !
me and my babe !
finally reach the hotel :D
Nice view ryte :D
love the place !
veru cold !
the rules in our room :D
our room?
not consider as room oso.
no door at all.
just like sleep in the rooftop.
vintage cups.
the keychain.
the owner and us.
the bar.
the owner's cat.
view from the top of our room.
me and xingpei.
me.XingPei.the owner's dog.
Sunnny room !
nice view.
On the way out from this village.
love this flower.
Finally reach the night market !
Fooodddddddddddddddddd !
today we really hunt our food into the hotel.
we did not buy anythings except food.
Seafoooood time !
but kinda disapointed with the seafood taste.
not worth.
tim kai.tian ji.
is a type of frog.
they sell like this.
look nasty and scary.
our legs :D
our dinner.
not proper dinner at all.
all are snacks :D
Okla. just for today,
I need to sleep le.
nites reader !
take care ! :D

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