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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what a Happy working day.

woot !!!
Just done washing a bucket of cloths :(
after end my job at 11pm and reach house around 11.15pm.
done my shower i busy do my things.
now i still cant eat -.-!
waiting the wash machine to dry the cloths :/
but i not so HUNGRY.
the sous chef had signed a pizza for us :)
and i drank Pepsi + Sprite :)
next time want make Sprite + granedian syrup :)
my favourite mocktail :)

today was my happy working day :)
Guest said i done a good Job :)
provide them good services :)
i receive rm10 as a tips from the guest :)
the wife and husband from france :) hahah !! merci !!!
his husband care his wife lot :P
aww..tat's sweet :)

then the last guest i serve :)
local guest :)
they just married few weeks ago,if not mistaken.
we talked lot bout training.
his wife wrk as accountant.
his husband i dont know.
hahah ! we talked lot, it looks like long lost friends.
the associate get shock ; how come i talked so long with the guest.
they taught me and the guest are friends.
Funny :p actually we dont know each other :)
just a friendly guest who start to talk lot.

so let's the picture talk bout it.

i wont sleep early :x
cause i wan start prepare some report for the hotel.
my hair become curl :x
ugly ryte?
the pizza !!
that time im starving !
thankx to Sous Chef !
signed a Pizza for me !
the glass of Pepsi + Sprite that i used to drank :p
In the Toilet before went back home :)
Just bout today :)
serious happy working in the 1st week.
hope i will continue enjoy my work till the end of training :)
open your heart and accept everything :)
that's the things that can let u learn fast and improve your knowledge :p
Bonne Chance :)
nites ;

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