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Monday, July 11, 2011

the day outing with my babes !

erlo ! erlo !
today imma goin to update my sweetie box :)
yesterday was my OFF day :)
same goes to :
Molie.Junn.Claire.Clanderella and Sharon.
last nite Claire overnight in our condo :)
Molie and Clanderella overnoght at hotel with their boyfie.
awww..tat's sweet :)
their boyfie find them during their off day.
left Esther and Elvin, the couple in the house.
cux they working at 7am-3pm shift.
we went to 1st Avenue and Pragin mall.

* So Let's the Picture talk bout it *

me :)
the little Soya :)
we had our lunch at Master Choo Kitchen.
p/s image blur.
my lemon Coke :)
black pepper chicken rice.
Junn and Claire.
dont know when is their Boyfie come visit them.
Aaron and Clanderella.
Endo and Molie.
me and Sharon :)
my eyebag :(
in the toilette :p
my Chatime !!!
slighty sugar and half ice :P
lol !
look fat or thin?
amoi ku :)
at last we had our chatime :)
we are searching for this beverage till wan to die dy !
we are addicted with it :p
2nd snapshot !
i had enjoy my off day !
i bought new things with me.
im totally BROKE now !
Just for today !
imm going prepare myself and off to work :(
pls let the time pass fast and enjoy the work!

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