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Saturday, July 2, 2011

2condary trip to Penang.

Meow !
The ugly Soya going to Update the real post now !
last Monday my frens and i off to Penang for :
4days and 3 nights trip.
They are my loveable secondary friends.
Heart Them Much !
this is the 2nd trip we went.
some of the FFK cux they are FFK king aka sin ka lan pple.

the people who going :
@the couple ( sweet couple ) :
Kellie & Chun Hoe
Xiao Hua & Pink

@ The Men :
Yew Sang.Kim Hang. Kae Chyn

@ The Ladies :
Rui Chin . Yoke Kien and Me ( Soya )

activities we done in the trip :
Play True or Dare.

now let's the picture talked bout it.
p/s the pictures i messed up.
some i took from Yoke Kien.

1st night !
Drunk time !
Pork :p
Yummy !
Famous Kuey-teow !
Yummy !!
we stayed in Tanjung Bungah Hotel for 1st and 2nd night.
The 1st day we have our dim sum at Ipoh !
the Couples :)
hahahah !!
Goreng Pisang !
So special ryte?
whole Pisang not half of the pisang.
The ladies at Kek lok Si.
We visit Butterfly farm.
1st night is time to drunk !
they play true or dare.
swimming time.
at Tanjung Bungah !
all came for swimming except Xiao Hua and Pink.
back from left :
Chun Hoe.Yew Sang. Kae Chyn. Kim Hang
from from left :
Kellie. Yoke Kien. me. Rui Chin
Healthy seafood?
they use charcoal to cook it.
1st day meal resit.
Dim Sum :p
Our lap sap !
hahaha !
our luggage.
me !
at the 1st day choose for hotel.
i'm so TIRED !
plan to had a rest !
my cookie monster oso tired dy.
The beach~~
meow !
i love cookies monster !
we going to off to Dinner!
Morning !
off to Kek lok Si!
my wish for my frens and family !
good Bless!
at Charcoal Steamboat :)
woot !
special ryte?!
At the Kuey-teow SHop!
Cendol !!!
my brunch !
kuey-teow and Cendol.
At Bali Hai seafood restaurant for the 3rd night !
The ladies.
The f4 -.-!
no comments!
they said it !
The menu !
so blur !
Good !
play lot la !!!
love to sit behind !
now get lock inside the car -.-!
Gurney Drive :)
The Group :)
kurang 2 org.
Gamble time !
the last night !
busy taking pic -.-!
thinking wad game should have it.
punishment is drink beer. -.-!
The last night !
Just for the latest update trip to Penang.
i am going to off to Penang tomorrow for my Training.
Penang again !
but this time on the Hill :)
hope i will enjoy the practical !
Come back from my practical i will be facing my term 5.
the tougher term again !
Bon Chance to :
Culinary students.
Tourism Student.
Hotel Management Students.
Certificate in Hospitality students.

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