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Sunday, July 24, 2011

wassup !

is time to update my bloggie !
almost rott for few weeks dy !
all bout Saturday,July 16 !
me and my friends off to overtime yum cha !
chilling time :D
feels like we all had grow up.
end our stress job and went to bistro to chill awhile.
with half little of beer to release some stress :D
that's call life !
we are HUMAN ! not ROBOT !
We are chill not try-ing to DRUNK like drunker.
i love it :D
Starker is a nice beer to drink :D
I change to new outlet, since 18JULY.
Tamarine Restaurant aka Coffee House.
the busiest restaurant in the entire hotel.
serious SHIT killing me during breakfast buffet.
some more is a peak season :'(
this week did not off at all :'(
lucky next week got 2 weeks off !
i want to get out from this hell's restaurant !
hope 1st august change to lounge outlet wont be so busy !

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