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Saturday, January 1, 2011

my 1st gathering in 2011 ♥

i feel like going to Buy dis Cheongsam!
The size is S, i tell u something.
i still cant fit it.. cux so loose.
mg!! i nid XS a!!!! o(T.T)o
soyaaaa is here again
i having ladies times with my Sayangs
4 pple need to attend included me.
but Chin can't atend :(
miss her alot a!!!! my last day also can't meet her.
Kellie,Sharon and me
All of the picts i took from Sharon.
cux i xbawa my camera :(

1st : go fetch Sharon.
2nd: go fetch Kellie & met my baby Niki (dog)
3rd: go 1u.
4th: mam mam at ZanMai
5th: shopping
6th: meet kellie's boyfie which mean my frens ==!
7th: balik!
8th: reach home den go out again.
10th: go Back Home.
> my today's timetable <

This is my first picture in 01.01.2011.
at Zanmai Having Lunch.
but i drink green tea more than eating ==!
my babe Kellie.
went to Korea bought my birthday and farewell present.
LoL! Thkx sygs! love it alot.
I bought Blouse again.
from Cotton On.
The Ladies...
Two couple.
im the 1 single!! gosh!!! o(T.T)o

Congrate to Kellie: half year with her boyfie
Congrate to Sharon: almost half year with her boyfie
Hope Both of this couple always sweet sweet la...
wen my turn wor :p
Me and my pretty syg!
if 4 ladies it will become more perfect!
love this much!
but took bit pic oly :'(
My Pretty Sayangs.
my Pretty syg too!
Our Lunch
Just For today in 01.01.2011
Sorry Miss Sharon i took ur pic.
Forgive me my babe!!!

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