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Saturday, January 22, 2011

my craz_iest RoomMate :)

Soyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here again :p
u see my eyebag o(T.T)o
getting worst..
i wan to die dy..
i need a lot lot of eye mask!!
i wan to cry liao..
hate the stupid eyebag and panda.
not enuf sleep and not enuf rest,
my eye bcum like tat.
here come my Sayangs....
except the guy..hehe
all the picts from Missy Sally :p
i take without her permission.
sorry Babe,pls 4give me :)
just my babe oly ♥♥♥♥♥
Sally,Sophie and Aina..
Show ur tongue babes :p
to happy or too stress after done our job :D
today blog bout new friends..
crazy and cutes babes..
heart them much..
just can be with them for 3months only :'(
lucky the stay in KL :p
can hangouts with them.

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