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Friday, December 31, 2010

The P Hangouts ♥!

Hey! soya is back :)
ahaha! wan bcum White Princess Soya.
Maybe this will be the last pict for 2010
This is the Pic of mine for 2010
i always let u all always see my pretty look..
so UNFAIR rite?
now my turn to post up my ugly look.
hehehe!!! FAIR enuf ryte?
im not a pretty girl in your heart..
Today hangouts at Pavilion.
The P hangouts or the Family hangouts?
1st. Drive all the way to Pavilion.
2nd. Searching for food in Pavilion.
3rd. Breakfast at OldTown.Nice food but S**K service(sori to say tat).
4th. Buy movie ticket.
5th. Shop for my lil sister's present.
6th. Shop for my stuff ( get myself a dress )
7th. tengok movie.
8th. having dinner at M* restaurant( 4gt wad name dy,PS)
9th. tot i lost the car.
10th. Balik

Breakfast at OldTown
The Soya
my tired and sleepy face @.@
My dinner :)
Mwak! Mwak!
Love the restaurant and the conversation
Guess what's tat?
look nice :)
Fork and Spoon lu..
My dinner :)
but i can't finis up :(
Soya waste food again :(
My drinks.
Italian Soda with Cream * Passion fruits flavour *
Ice Lemon Tea
Italian Soda with Cream,Passion Fruit :)
the few tickets for the P Family :p
My collection
---= * Enjoy * =---

* Simple Hangouts but full with sweet memories
* I will remembered today's simple Hangouts
* The Simple Hangouts make me so happy :)
* I Love the Simple hangouts with P :)
* The Last and the sweet day Simple Hangouts with P in 2010 :)
* Nites P family

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