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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outing;Kitchen week

The Girls Outing?
or the Friends outing?
Last week,Sunday.1st of August.
LengLui,Kien.Chubby Boy,Andrew Yee and me,Soya.
Having Simple Outing.
me and Kien reach Sunway around 11.30am.
we park some floor.bt diff area oly.hehe.
then we shoping awhile.
we have our BruNch at Gasoline.haha.
just both of us only.
if Kellie and Chin come along.tat's gud.
me and Kien have girls talk.
wooohuuu~~~ syiok.we say alot stuff...
while waiting for Andrew yee tat still sleeping in the house.
we go buy ticket *Salt*
he reach around 2.30 ngam ngam the movie start.
muahahaha~~ end movie.
we have window shopping.Andrew shop with us.
Macam Me and Kien Bf( the playboy have 2 girlfrenzs) LoL!
we end our shopping at 6pm.

Top is mine mam mam.
below 1 is Kien.
Foeget took french fries and Nuggets picture xD
me and my Sayang
My Ugly face >.<
>@< mam mam time :p
My eye so Bengkak.
why huh?
Sweet girl~~
The movie tickets.
c2-Kien's sit
c3-Andrew Yee's sit
c4-my sit
My car!
Tooo boring while wait for the traffic jam.
so i just simply take pic :p
My Stufff~~
Me ♥! Tues.
we have our Kitchen class.....
need to CooK for Guest at Truffle Restaurant.
so syiok..alll macam real Chef..macam Yes!!

The appetizer: Cocktail Prawn
The Main Coarse: Roast Chicken with Gravy
Friday we having Our assesment.
they all sure will visit dis website again.
http://www.gg.com/. muahahahahahaha~
cux all din study at all..
Suriamas Gang Busy Dota >.<
the others? Fb! Fb! Fb!
=Just For Today la=

Leaving msg to Kellie Chong;
my dear,u ok ont?
why u like disapear in this world dy.
I miss u wey.

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