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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Day again.

The Soya is back!!!
This time is A Fever Sick soya =((((
i have fever+head+no energy=3in1
dying soon =((((
SO let's talk bout today.
i woke up early in the morning reach campus on time.
suddenly i receive a new.
no class for moral and food science * WtF*
damn sleepy wey..
me and the other stunned at there when receive the news.
Sharon,Junn and me plan to goo out makan.
actually wan go ss2 makan..
but at last go Shah Alam Makan at Char Siew Wong.
im the one who drove car.so sleepy.
actually we dont knwo go to the place.
but we try to remember and there makan Char Siew!!
Yummmy! hahahaha!
finis mam mam den go to pyramid.
back to campus around 12pm.cux shron got exam at 1.
me and JUN got classs at 2pm.
okla.let's the picture begin.

Today's outFit..
sexy black.hahaha!
black soya :x
TeeeHee :)))
my shadow..
at Pyramid dy.
tat time waiting for JUNN to bank in her money.
This is Sharon's Shadow
My Toy Car.hahahaha.....
Joke la..at Pyramid car show la..
Today's activities <3!!!!>
Housekeeping practical.
this week on wed..
we learn bed making(something like tat)
lecturer asked s to practise.
but we in the toilet busy CamWhore ><
Junn <3!
ShiJie <3!
and me!!
The practical room
Suite 3( I think soo)
today is my lucky day..
i have my fever around 3pm.
4pm i nid have my eng Mid_Term assessment.
Damn! my head damn pain/cant even concentrate to do the exam.
hope i dont fail it =((((

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