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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lovely 2nd Outting

This Outting is On Friday.
i mean last week friday.
i Hang out WIth my Cutie Members =)
but this time is Ariz daddy and Chen not goin.
But Add Jojo aka Jelly and Vliam(dnt knw spelll,hehe)
err...forget the restaurant name >.
while i got plenty of hours to wait for them.
i in the class turn on the Song loud!
LoL! mcm RumahKu~
around 5.30pm only move out frm campus.
i fetch my cute TokTok ♥!.
Then go lepak at Pyramid.
so JUst that la.

I Super Dooper Love this Pict.
that me the Little Soya !
Afiq! Nas! and Me!
♥! My Tok ♥!
i fetch this human to the restaurant.
Good la!
simply take my canDid picts while i plying with the swing..
i think is Tok took geh.
All Of them kpt laugh at this picts..
Mg! o(T.T)o
My Busy time to camwhore again ♥!
CamWHore is life =DDD
Anep =DD
JoJo aKa Jelly
Everyday oso ply poker >. Lol!
i thinnk dis picts id Fad Took.
the Most Kuat makan punye orang.
Jelly and TokTok!
the Jelly again!
kept call me hippo =((
Bani (atlast,i remember his name.haha)
the 3fellow is candid except the Jelly.
poyo at there :p
this time is candid punye =DD
I kept kacau him :p
can strt to makan dy.
u see behind tat chinese guy..
they waiting us to eat den they only eat.
hehehehe.RESPECT WEY!!
= Just For Today =

This few days,
banyak orang sick =((
Afiq.Nas and Tok strt sick dy..
daddy? err..nonit care him.he got mommy tc.
hehe...so so so so i bcum a gud girl.
to take care them =DDDD
my readers oso must take care o.
Drink more water =DDDD

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