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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buka puasa ngan chef2 sekalian ♥♥!!

Today is my 1st time to Puasa with my Friends.
haha...all Chefs =)
Today in campus err....
ntg special..random..
then have acc class.
Manda mommy teach >.<
anyway i still can understand..
scare dnt knw do only :(
Then end class at 6pm.
nid to heading to Pyramid but the Prob is......
Campus having traffic jam >.
LoL!!! nvm~ i ply at the parking sin~~

around 7pm.
Chen.Daddy Ariz.me and anther guy met..
Atok mirol.Afiq.Anep and Fad at Carls Jr.
then Sam came along.
all wait for buka puasa.hehe!!
very fun le~ then all joke and fool around >.<
okla..i dnt knw wad to talk dy.
Just enjoy my pictures la..
Thankx to Afiq and His camera ♥!!!

Me in The car~
when in The Traffic jam.
i busy take pictures.hehe..
Thkx to the sun.
make me more leng.haha!!
Behind my car is Dragonfruit car.
LoL! not the pple who sell dragonFruits ok.hehe~
Chen's car la...
Chen and Ariz daddy inside =)
Guess who's tat?
the Poke face :p
Poker time Cute Afiq.haha~~
with his blur face =)
my Cute Atok!!!!
hehe kena gigit from me..
start to play dy lo~
me alone sit at the corner plying with Afiq's camera.
Read This!
Jyor...why i so leng?
haha~~ perasan!
love this pic.
cause i use Afiq's camera to snap it.
Same goes to this picture =)
mY cute daddy =)
but mommy din came along =(
Smile Everyday =)
Buy mam mam lu~~
playing with his hair?
nola!! jst tellin his hairstyle prob..
Waste Food wor..
Daddy said; soya!! dnt ply with the food la~~
kena marah =(
same goes to Afiq,
he oso said it;dnt ply with food la~~~
the food.tat i mess it~
The daughter and The dad!
whre's my mom and bro =(
my ugly face and the cute face.
Bye! bye!
he malu kah?
Atok and me!!
me lo~
scare gt paparazzi follow me.
love this pic~
although is a random pic~
= End For Today Lu =
> Enjoy my time alot when hang out with them =
= Nites =

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