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Friday, May 21, 2010

www.Bollyw8d'sNites.com ♥ ♥

the Childish baby wants update her blog now ♥ ♥
Yesterday all DH36 Students.
Attending To Bollywood's Dinner in The Taylor's campus restaurant =)
so i will make it into point form.
sorry my dear readers =)

in The Morning:
* cousin's bro fetch me to schl.
* reach schl around 730am >.<
* 8am slp in the library with my cousin bro.
*9am attend to class.

in the afternoon:
*end class,4gt wad time end :x
*saw my Baby*brandon =)
*go frenz's house shower and practise dance

till the evening:
* rush back to college.
* Take pic
* hear they intro theirself
* eat! eat! eat!
* take pic again
* perform on the small stage >.<
* eat again
* Dance! Dance! Dance!
* end at 10pm
* reach house around 11pm.
* slept around 12am

that's me!
i love this pic.
but the Straw destroy it >.<

i edit geh pic.
me&My sweet friends ♥ ♥ Renee&Kunno ♥ ♥ me&KeiKei&Renee

All mY friends.Diff Group.G1G2G3!
Me&my Bao bei! Mwak! >@< Dancing time!
all My frenzs! so many nid list out >.<
The couple(Molie&Adam)
ShinYee.KeiKei.Me(my cacat smile >.<)
love this Original pic~
Love to CamWhore everyday =)
My CamWhore Partner!

> Just For Today <

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