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Sunday, March 28, 2010

www.breakfast&lunch.com :)

Maemi ta dai ma :):)
boku no miss tomodachi des :)

today i having breakfast&lunch with my sis.
at lavender,jusco :s
the meal cost us rm60.++
pokai liao~ i some more treat my sis ler~
but nevermind la~
it worth it~
cause i kinda enjoy having meal at here :)
when we finis up our meal~
At the first,
she wan study Bio science as CSI ,Accountancy or photographer.
then she suddenly said,
that she wanna have bussiness/culinary(Chef) studies.
i was like wth!
the coarse make her damn headache man~
i'm wonder how many job she wanna have for her future :s
hope she get a suitable coarse.gud luck to her and me :s
21st April like coming soon.
faint! i having management coarse.
then end having lamey talk then go out from Jusco.
i start merayau dy.cause din feel wannna go back early.SIENz.

so lets the picture talk about it.
i take a few pictures only :(

at lavender :b
playing with the Raw sugar and Sugar.
==" wad's the diff?
The food tat we order :)
this my meal :)
drinks: pink lemonade
food: ham&mushroom Penne (Creamy white sauce)
my Favourite mousse :)
lil sis order the chocolate cake~
The mousse and The cake :)

****Enjoy then :)****

Hearing this song:
Danger Radio-kiss and tell.
Boys like Girls-Holiday.

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