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Friday, March 26, 2010

HangOut !

Maemi backk!!Smiley

i hang out with Babes and dudes
happy dou sei Smiley



Sunway Pyramid

yesterday night supergirl suddenly ask me go out.
i was like OMG!!
syiok.at last can hang out and see my babes leSmiley
miss them so so so much!
then today morning YokeKien give me morning text,
CheongYick and Kellie give me morning call(thanks guys)
I again late woke up and rush.Hate this kind of situation.
then my mom suddenly come in and ask(ask in the bad mood)
"where you wanna go again?'
people go couple u go kacau for wad?
every time also wanna go out.
i was like swt 99 Smiley
this month i just go out once.
she say i always hang out Smiley
then i dont care,just hope CheongYick 55 come fetch me go out.
wen on the way to Sunway.me and Cheong yick so lame.
cakap banyak! and i'm the first girl who sit his new car Smiley
HiakHiak! sorry Can Lian(CheongYick's gf)!
then i leave text for mom and dad
reach there dy.we go buy ticket only go Kim Gary.
reach Kim Gary we again talking while wait for others.
then all reach dy.eat finis dy den Talk awhile only leave the place.
he got alot pattern de wor(hard to say out).
the kellie go change money Smiley
me and YokeKien go find some Perfume Smiley
Our Show at 1.20pm.we Reach the cinema around 1.15pm.
then take picture.buy mineral water

~~few hours ago~~
.movies end.
Just Another Pandora's Box(that movie kinda lame and funny)Smiley

done watch movies.
dudes go buy outfit and their stuff la~

i follow my babes go buy some outfit too~
walk so long~
we at Cotton On buy some upper Shirt Smiley

around 5pm.
Most Funny things!
CheongYick kept say his car park at CP3.
then he get nervous.he tought his car lost jor.
at last his car parked at CP5 Smiley
me and kaeChyn kept laugh at him.Smiley
mg! we find his car dnt know how many minutes.
lucky didnt go report if not make us sia sui only.

now let the photo talk bout it~

this picture forget when take de~
dont know last week or yesterday take de~
The Nerdy face :b
My breakfast?!
oh Gosh!
so many wor~~
This Thingy kellie bought for me from Taiwan Smiley
call him Bring Taiwan boy come back,
but she Bring Taiwan stuff come back Smiley
My cousin(kaeChyn)
Chun Hoe
Chun Hoe
Cheong Yick
(fellow which fetch me go out)
SuperMom(yoke kien)
still left 1 babe!
my superGranny Smiley
SuperGirl,why give tat kind of expression?
Opp's kinda blur :s
Getting blur :s
errr.Where's KaeChyn?
We watch cantonese comedy:
So blur~
from Kellie's camera
Flash >.<
From my handphone Smiley
In cheongYick's car Smiley
look fat >.<
+++ JUst That+++

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