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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I-City :D

Maemi's back~~
yesterday i had my guitar class~
around 6.30_7.30pm.
yesterday class was damn stress~Smiley
feel like suddenly forget all those keys again!
I end up the classs.
my family and i have our dinner~
i eat abit only.
then i dont 1 eat oledi~
wondering wad happen to my stomach.
at the first i am so so hungry.
then i feel like no appetite to finis up my meal~

then my dad bought us to I_city take pic and see some shops.
but i inside the pictures some of tat look cacat Smiley

The pictures begin Smiley

Maemi with the fish mouth again Smiley
The colourful lightsSmiley
my eye~Smiley
This photo look weirds :s
I love this pic much Smiley
me > meiMei
2nd snapshot Smiley
also the same.
but the sor mui dy block my white tree~Smiley
Lovveeeesssss the Blue tree~Smiley
my face so sleepy~~
dont 1 say liao~Smiley
weird face again
dont know who snaps this geh~
i cant figure it out~
wad's tat.Smiley
Information Smiley
The peacock Smiley
Greennnyyy Treesss~
cant stand the light.
my eye very pain Smiley
the Flamingo said tat~Smiley
something like at the beach.
my eyes like alien~
the red lantern make my eye bcum like tat~
the horse~ i think so!
The place like.
i at China Town~
actually not!
The remix tree?
christmas+chinese new year?
christmas tree+chinese new year lantern=?
my dying face~Smiley
i'm lost!
dont 1 say liao~
mou ngan tai~Smiley
like the view~
shoot me!!
i like the angel.

my leg~~
stupid branch i'll remember u~
u scratch my leg bcum like tat!Smiley
That sor mui!Smiley
dady and mom~Smiley

__ EnJoy __

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