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Monday, February 8, 2010

The day :)

Maemi beakkkk :p
this outfit nice or not?
i look fat ler :(
that's why i didn't bought it.
but i love it alot :(
last saturday i having family day with my family.
at jusco :)
that time my dad's wannna buy his CNY outfit :)
last minutes only buy.
then i with my lil sister also.
find some outfit for ourself :p
but the firt we went to Starbuck :)
cause i wannna drink my choco Cream chip :p
here's the board.
our belongings are safe?
sure or not?
my lil sis sot jor!
then at there have lion dance also.
having CNY mood skit sahaja.

And today.The Happy day? i think so.
yesterday nite i couldn't sleep well.
oh gosh~~ I'M TOO NERVOUS with my driving test :)
guesss what?!
i passs jor.
ChocoBoo(Kellie Chong)
i can fetch u keluar liao :):)
but mou car :(:(
i had make few friends at there too :):)

JUJU sick jor :(:(
so cham nobody take care him.
hope he get well soon :):)

i wannna report something to euuu~~
read the link then u know dy.
xixi >.< Facebook Jessie Maemi Nakamura Ewww.panas siot.


Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!

Huan said...

aiya... why don't want buy that... looks nice eh... hah...

and congrats for pass your driving test already... got free time remember come Cyberjaya... haha... XD

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

cux mommy said i look fat.
den i but back lo.

tqtq :D
yea yea.
wait i gt car sin :)