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Friday, August 14, 2009

lalalala....hapi bthday 2 My Son~!

2day in the schOOl...
boring till sei~!!
but kellie very happy wor..
wen plan go for A Famosa...
kpt nake those...
Bla Bla Bla face..
she know wad am I talking~!!
no coment wit tat...
our plan for going 2 Genting..
From 80% now drop till 20%~!!
A Famosa...
i scare till nex week plan for goin 2 A famosa..
de percentage...
drop till 20%
owex oso like tat de...
say ok d ma..
dix trial finis wan go relax de ma..
but nobody wanna cooperate~
if still fail...
i wanted go in for plan C~!!
i dun1 stay at house..
damn boring de ler...
i tot u all will go play..
den i only tell them dun1 go perhentian..
dunno la..
c finis exam how 1st la..
owex like tat de...
i very disapointed...
i oso Sam Tam d~!
i tink end of the year de holidays..
i dun tink i'll go wit them..
i go with another group of friends o family......
i tink i'll b the 1st person...
less mix wit them..
if graduate d~~
suddenly got tat feeLing tat~!!
[Baby ApplePies and mi~!!]
HYe Baby~!!!
Happy birthday my son~!!

ps ohrx~
no other pic d..
den i just take dix pic..
hehe ^6^
may wish ur dream cum true~
i still owe u a present~!

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