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Saturday, September 3, 2011

wad a suffer day.

holaaaaaaaaaaa !
how are you readers?
yesterday Soya Sick jor -.-!
food poisoning again -.-!?!
wad a lucky day !!!!!
3oth august - 1st sept.
my family come visit me.
i miss them badly !!
on 30th august i end my job.
waiting my parents come fetch me go dinner.
till they fetch me at my apartment.
my dad give me a big warm hug ;
and give me a kiss..
awww.. so long didn't receive it :(
i miss when i in the house,
every morning my dad sure give me morning kiss !
I miss that moment !
i want faster go back a !!
my mom start to sek me lot too !
and my two lil siblings start to treat me like lil sis.
hahaha! they pampered me lot lot lot !!
i feel myself very hangfuk !!

here's me !
good looking ryte?
this 1 long tie pic.
feel myself getting ugly :(
this is the 2nd round med i eat.
2nd clinic -.-!
which mean today i have it.
3rd september 2011
1st round medicine -.-!
1st clinic that i went on 2nd september.
accompany my family at Gurney drive.
inside Evergreen Laurel Hotel.
5stars hotel :D
forget take pic -.-!
just remember take picture inside room.
room !
Toilet !
love the toilet !
Just for today !
take care ok !
dont same like me.
fall sick !
serious not fun at all ! :((

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