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Friday, September 30, 2011

babes hangouts

guess wad?
Soya life come back again !
Fucking love my life although i always said Fuck my Life.
LoL ! Lame !!

so hmm..
i been locked myself in the house for 3 days;
so now i will release myself for 3 days
which mean Thurs ( today )
Friday ( tomolo )
Saturday ( the next day )
i wont stay in the house. pls forgive me mom !!
tat's fair and square :D

so today i been out with my darlings.
and one of my babe busy with her colleges stuff.
so she could not turn up with us today..
We went to Pavilion :D
my House !! Miss the mall lots !!
since i stuck in the Island for 3 months !!
Grrggg !!! now i come Back !!
im Back Homey !!!
we had our late brunch shops and guees wad?
who we met?
Pink and his Gf :D
they went for Jogoya buffet :D

So now Let's the picture tell you everything.
sorry tat i did not took lot pictures.
cause we busy shoppingg :p

Madam Kwan :D
Yummy-licious !
 Me :)
getting pretty or getting ugly?
 Satay :D
 Nasi Lemak !!!
which i missed the most !!
been 3 months i did not eat Nasi Lemak !!
 Our Bill :D
 My Favourite brand car !
BMW :)
 nice side view.
but my friend comment.
nice car nice brand.
but not suitable drive on msia road :D
i agree too.
moreover cant speed oso -.-!
 nice ass, baby !
just for todays.
just wait for Saturday Post !!
will be full of activities and pictures.
sorry reader i hope this post dont disapointed u guys.
take care :)

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