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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ship Of the Day

Holaaaaaaaaaaaa Peeeps !
Soya is here again :)
imma going to update my blog.
last night me and my f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
missy trainee from Reliance College.
another mr, i dont know which college he from.
sorry dude. pls forgive me :)
We went to The Ship to have our loveable dinner ;
hmm :) Yummy and lovelies evening.
but we plan to YumCha at Golden Sands ,
but :( we did not make it.
we feed up our tummy that full with food ,
we went to have a walk at night market :)
holaaa, i get something for myself :x
Just for today.
imma going to end up my training soon !
bye bye to sweating day :)
Gosh ! Smelly fishy ! 
i dont 1 become smelly and salty human.
hahahahahah !!

That's me :)
getting healthy ryte ?
after my sickness :D
Me at outside The Big Pirate Ship

I Love this Tomato Vege Soup :D
serious delicious;
its a healthy soup :D

 Ice Lemon Tea again :D
the lemon refresh my mind.
the tea refresh my body :p
 My lovely;
Salmon steaks accompany with Prawn :D
 The Dessert :D
Choco cheese cakes !
 Me and the Babes !
 The Instax Pictures !
 I edit this picture !
 ur meal !
Split receipt !
 The Missy and Mr :D
our meal !

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